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Buprenorphine is widely regarded as an effective replacement drug when treating those who are addicted to heroin and other opioids. This method of using a drug to treat a dependency on another drug is called pharmacotherapy. Buprenorphine will help stabilize the patient and assist with withdrawal symptoms.

Is Buprenorphine treatment right for you?

Have you been through detoxification and found you couldn’t feel normal? You can regain a sense of normalcy with Buprenorphine treatment.

Have you been using opioids such as heroin, fentanyl, or oxycodone but can’t seem to stop? Buprenorphine can help you quit using those drugs and focus on your life.

Have you tested positive for HIV or Hepatitis C or fear that you may test positive? Buprenorphine can allow you to regain control of your life and begin essential treatment of your viral infection. If you have not tested positive, Buprenorphine can help you stop using needles, which is the primary route of infection for drug users.

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New Patient Special!

$5 first 30 days of treatment then
$60 per month for next 6 months.